VIDEO How-To: Basketweave Stitch


And then finally, we have basketweave. Out of all the tent stitches, this uses the most amount of thread and provides the most coverage for your canvas. Anything stitched in a basketweave will last you forever. Trust me.

Basketweave and continental are the two most popular stitches I've seen people use. Most needlepointers are pretty set in their ways when you ask them which one they prefer. But really it's all about personal preference! What I like about the basketweave is when I'm teaching someone, it's nice that they never have to worry about switching directions. It's diagonal, and the same top right to bottom left motion throughout. 

Unlike the stitches above, basketweave can only be done in diagonal formations. Which means it's usually best for a larger background area on a canvas (like our Berger Post-It Note).


basketweave stitch


You can read more about tent stitches here and watch more How-To videos here!


  • pam

    I understand basketweave somewhat, but if I follow the diagram, I get confused what to do after you finish the #‘s. sounds silly, but for whatever reason can’t grap my head around it

  • Cindy Risty

    You make basketweave so logical. I have watched many videos and just couldn’t wrap my brain around the concept. THANK YOU!

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