Friends Turkey Head Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

I look at this canvas and think, "if you know, you know." You either remember this iconic scene in the best show ever, or you classify yourself as "more of a Seinfeld person" *coughAndrewcough*. 

This would make for a great ornament or something festive for Thanksgiving!

Friends Pivot Couch stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 18 mesh
PVC zip pencil project bag
Size 22 DMC tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk and Rainbow Gallery threads

Turkey Outline: Vineyard Silk Tea Rose #C-194 // Lot 336
Turkey Inside:  Vineyard Silk Desert Flower #C-122 // Lot 322
Outside Rim of Glasses:  Vineyard Silk Custard #C-164 // Lot 340
Inside Glasses:  Vineyard Silk Creme Brûlée #C-163 // Lot 250
Hat:  Vineyard Silk Bonfire #C-225 // Lot 324
Glitter Hat Trim (optional): Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks F1
Yellow Tassel:  Vineyard Silk Creme  Brûlée #C-163 // Lot 25
Background: Vineyard Silk Bright White #C-109 // Lot 350
Continental throughout

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  • Erika Seagren

    Love your explanation in the first paragraph – and so relatable to our household!

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