California Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

California is home to some of the US's most popular destinations! From the mountains, beaches and beyond, this canvas will have you mesmerized.

California stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 13 mesh
PVC zip project bag
Size 22 Bohin tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk Wool Threads
VS Jet Black M-1111 (A, O, R, N, I) -- 6 strands used
VS Mistletoe M-1198 (C, I, O, I) -- 6 strands used
VS Monks Robe M-1041 (C, A, I, F, O, I) -- 4 strands used
VS Toasted Almond M-1037 (C) -- 2.5 strands used
VS Straw M-1047 (A) -- 2 strands used
VS Paloma M-1105 (A, O) -- 3 strands used
VS  Steel Grey M-1106 (A, F, O) -- 2.5 strands used
VS Naples Blue M-1214 (A, N, A) --2.5 strands used
VS Ocean Breeze M-1223 (A, O, N, A) -- 6 strands used
VS Insignia Blue M-1238 (A, A) -- 3 strands used
VS Spring M-1060 (L, I, F, O, I) -- 4 strands used
VS Pumpkin Pie M-1232 (L, I, A) -- 3 strands used
VS Nectarine M-1026 (L, R, N, A) -- 4 strands used
VS Orange Burst M-1220 (N) -- 3 strands used
VS Hot Toddy M-1231 (L, R, A) -- 3 strands used
VS Gloxinia M-1099 (F) -- 2 strands used
VS Lavender M-1097 (F) -- 1.5 strands used
VS Holiday Red M-1007 (R, A) -- 2.5 strands used
VS Bright White M-1109 (R) -- 1 strand used
VS Dark Earth M-1042 (I) -- 1 strand used
Background thread 6 rows around each side: almost 2 skeins
We used Vineyard Silk Merino Bright White M-1109
Basic tent stitch (Basketweave) used on all letters
Long Brick Stitch was used for the background

C - State Flag

A - Alcatraz

L - Poppy's (State Flower)

I - Redwoods

F - Grape Vines

O - Yosemite Rock

R - Movie Camera

N - Golden State Bridge

I - Sierra Nevada Beer

A -  Pacific Ocean Sunset

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