Moira Rose BeBe Hand Painted Needlepoint Sunglasses Case

If this isn't read in Moira's voice, I don't want it. But honestly, do you think she'd like this? A sunglasses case for her favorite sunglasses? 

And I know I keep mentioning it as a sunglasses case, but you can make this just about anything you want: a pillow, a catch-all tray, a glasses/sunglasses case ... the world is your oyster. We love that for you. 

Bebe sunglasses stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 16 mesh
PVC zip pencil project bag
Size 22 DMC tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk, Vineyard Silk Wool or Silk, and Ivory Threads

THREADS USED: I included different thread options since stitching on 16 mesh sometimes confuses people! Basically anything works on 16 and while I stuck with the same colors, this canvas is yours for the making to truly think outside the box and create something Moira would be proud of!

Silk and Ivory:
Black: #12 Black // Lot 2962
White: #2 White // Lot 3055
Grey: #37 Lava // Lot 2831
Vineyard Silk Wool (what I used):
Black: Jet Black #M-1111 // Lot 1064
White: Bright White #M-1109 // Lot 1066
Grey: Steel Grey #M-1105 // Lot 1052

Vineyard Silk:
Black: Jet Black #C-111 // Lot 354
White: Bright White #C-109 // Lot 358
Grey: Steel Grey #C-106 // Lot 356

Continental throughout (though a fun background stitch would be great!)

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